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The Greek Golden Visa Permanent Residency Program offers the lowest cost entry route to obtain EU residency for the entire family.


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Visa2Greece was founded in Greece by a team of leading professionals in the fields of legal, tax, real estate, and financial planning. Our purpose is to help our clients issue a Golden Visa, therefore ensuring a residence permit in Greece, allowing business activity practice within the European Union and free movement in Schengen countries without a travel visa. We can help you buy a real estate in Greece which also allows you to obtain a Golden Visa and suggest investment opportunities from a well-diversified real estate investment portfolio. Our huge experience in the issuance of residence permits creates a feeling of trust in our clients throughout the entire duration of the process.

Key advantages of the Greece Golden Visa Program

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Work Permit

Have you found a job in Greece, and you need a residence/work permit? Are you a farmer or a stockbreeder and you have employees in need of a residence/work permit?

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We undertake to successfully complete the issuance of residence permit. Our extensive experience allows us to ensure the best solution for each candidate.

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Greek Citizenship

We help you gather the necessary documents, we submit them to the competent authority & we monitor the progress of your file processing

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Renewal Of Residence

We examine the available documents and undertake the completion of an online application and the submission of the required supporting documents.

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Our well-diversified real-estate portfolio allows us to suggest to our clients a variety of many real estate properties, always selected according to their needs.

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One of the most affordable residence by investment programs that provide access to Europe.


Is subjected to the legislation according to which someone can become a resident of a country just by purchasing a house there

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After you have made your investment, you may apply for a Golden Visa either at the respective embassy in your country.

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A place of unique beauty. The investment amount may range from €250 000, which is the lowest price between all countries.

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Our real-estate Portals allows us to suggest to our clients a variety of properties, always selected according to their needs.

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We help you gather the necessary documents, we submit them to the competent authority & we monitor the progress of your file.

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Golden Visa program is subjected to the legislation that determines residence permits, according to which someone can become a resident of a country just by purchasing a house there or by making a rather significant investment or contribution.

Golden Visa program is implemented in several countries that provide different investment options starting from €250 000.

The Greek Golden Visa program was launched in 2013 grants you the right to reside in Greece, set up your business in the European Union by establishing a branch in Greece and travel free in the 26 European countries of the Schengen area, without a visa. It may be renewed every 5 years for real estate owners from third countries with a real estate value that exceeds €250 000, adopting a friendlier stance towards those who wish to own a property in Greece. The said investment limit is the lowest in the European Union, making Greece the top destination for businesses, investments, and vacations.

The issuance of a Golden Visa also ensures a temporary residence permit for all family members up to 21 years old.



Third county citizens may obtain a Golden Visa in the following cases:

  • Purchase a real estate with a value of more than €250 000
  • Lease agreement for at least ten years
  • A more than €400 000 investment in a registered company in Greece
  • Purchase of government bonds of more than €400 000
  • A bank deposit over €400 000 in Greece.

The holders of a Golden Visa for 7 years may apply for the acquisition of Greek citizenship. If you meet the criteria for a citizenship, you may also have access to Schengen countries. If you don’t wish to apply for a citizenship, you can maintain a permanent resident status, provided you renew your permit every five years and preserve your investment.

After you have made your investment, you may apply for a Golden Visa either at the respective embassy in your country or to a competent body abroad. In any case, the first point of reference should be the embassy.

The procedure for issuing a Golden Visa is completed within 20 days from the first contact with our team.

Our team:

  • Provides material support in helping you find the real estate that matches your preferences from a wide range of properties available in our portfolio
  • Undertakes the purchase and management of your real estate
  • Undertakes the submission of all the documents that are required to apply for a Golden Visa, representation to the competent authorities and execution of all necessary legal procedures
  • All tasks are completed upon the delivery of the Golden Visa


  • A place of unique beauty
  • A cost-effective solution in order to obtain a Golden Visa. The investment amount may range from €250 000, which is the lowest price between countries that have a Golden Visa program
  • Greece offers unique investment opportunities with the lowest purchase price per square meter
  • Immediate investment depreciation
  • Lower cost of living in comparison to other countries
  • Quality of life, safe living conditions, access to efficient services, free travel
  • All your family members enjoy all the residence privileges of a Greek citizen, including access to public health sector, schools, and universities.
  • There are no minimum residency requirements, and you don’t need to give up your current citizenship.
  • After the lapse of 7 years from the issuance of residence permit, you may apply for the acquisition of Greek citizenship, ensuring you and your family the ability to become EU citizens.
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    The Greece Golden Visa Program is considered one of the most affordable residence by investment programs

    that provide access to Europe. Successful applicants and their families

    are able to benefit from visa-free access to Europe’s Schengen Area within two months of applying.

  • Visa-free travel within Europe’s Schengen Area
  • No requirement to reside in Greece
  • Residence permits can be acquired within 30–60 days
  • Unlimited expiry date of residence permit
  • Opportunity to rent out the investment property
  • Residence applicable to the whole family (married spouse, children under 21 years old, and parents of the main applicant and spouse)
  • Eligibility to apply for citizenship after seven years of residence
  • Ability to hold shares and receive income from the dividends of a company registered in Greece (but not to be employed in Greece)
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    We support you in every stage of the process to be followed, in order to acquire the Greek citizenship.

    We help you gather the necessary documents, we submit them to the competent authority, we monitor the progress of your file processing, we submit expedite requests as long as the legal conditions are met and provide support if you find any problems throughout the examination of your file from the competent authorities.

    To acquire the Greek citizenship, you must be resident in Greece for 7 years with a residence permit or for 3 years with a residence permit, if:

    • You come from a country of the European Union.
    • You are a political refugee.
    • You have an ID card for stateless residents.
    • You are husband/wife or parent of a Greek citizen.
    • By naturalization
    • For special reasons
    • By birth
    • For study purposes                                                             
    • By adoption
    • By recognition of the right to Greek citizenship
    • By recruitment into the arm forces
    • By honorary naturalization

    Are you entitled to Greek citizenship?

    What is the process and the necessary documents to acquire the Greek citizenship?

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    Yes, Greece is one of the countries that offer a Golden Visa which grants residency. Greece Golden Visa is available through real estate acquisition, government bonds, or shares. Greece’s Golden Visa is very popular among Chinese, Russian, Lebanese and Turkish citizens
    The minimum amount to get a Greece Golden Visa is €250,000. This is the required amount for real estate acquisition in areas other than Athens, Thessaloniki, Mykonos, and Santorini. As for these four municipalities, the minimum real estate investment threshold is €500,000. For government bonds or shares, the amount is €400,000..
    Yes, you can get a residence permit in Greece if you buy a house. However, the house you’re going to buy should be €250,000 or €500,000 minimum (depending on the location) to be able to qualify for Greece residency. If the house you’re buying costs less, you’ll not be able to apply for Greece Golden Visa program.
    Greece Golden Visa is one of the most popular methods to get permanent residency in Greece. You don’t have to live in Greece to maintain your residency status. However, if you want to apply for citizenship, you should live in Greece most of the year. If you do, you can be eligible to apply for citizenship at the end of seven years. To get citizenship, you’ll need to pass a language and culture test.
    To obtain Greek citizenship by investment, you must first make a significant financial investment in the country, such as purchasing real estate or making a business investment. The exact amount required varies, but it is generally around €250,000. After completing the investment, you can apply for residency in Greece, and once you have been a resident for seven years, you can apply for citizenship.
    To obtain a Greece residence permit for up to five years as a real estate owner, the application fee is €2,000, while family members pay €150 per person. However, minor children under the age of 18 are exempt from this fee. Additionally, a fee of €16 is charged per card for issuing the residence permit.
    The first requirement is that you’re a non-EU resident. Also, you’re required to have a clean criminal record. Your spouse, children under the age of 21, and parents are also eligible to join you.
    It’s not legally required, but it’s always a good idea to consult a professional.
    According to the country’s law, family members of foreign investors entering Greece are:


    The direct descendants of the spouses, who are under the age of 21,

    The direct relatives of the spouses in the ascending line.

    Family members do not include unmarried partners.
    Yes. The permanent residency and long-term permit offer total freedom of movement in the EU.
    In no case does the permit provide access to any type of employment in the country.
    It does not grant direct access to Greek citizenship. However, it allows its holder to become a long-term resident, which is a qualification required for obtaining citizenship.
    It is not possible to obtain Greece citizenship by investment directly. However, it is achievable to become a resident of Greece by investing at least €250,000 in Greece real estate. The Greece residence permit holders can then apply for citizenship after a minimum of seven years.
    The amount of €250,000 or €500,000 (depending on the location) refers to the price indicated on the contract. In cases of joint ownership of the real estate property by spouses, the residence right is granted to both spouses
    The investors of the program are allowed to invest in more than one property in the country. As long as the combined value of the investment is equal to or greater than €250,000, the application is valid. As for properties in Athens, Thessaloniki, Mykonos and Santorini; the minimum threshold of €500,000 needs to be invested in one single asset.
    The country’s law states that €250,000 or €500,000 (depending on the location) must be the stated price on the contract. It does not distinguish between commercial and residential properties.
    Applicants are not allowed to take a mortgage out on the property for their Golden Visa application in Greece.
    The applicant must prove their income by documentation that proves their capacity. They must also certify the existence of bank accounts or other transferable securities. Especially shares or bonds.
    Yes, if the amount invested by each one is €250,000.
    This leads to the revocation of the permit.
    Investors who own real estate have the right to rent their property.
    Thanks to a change made in the Greek Golden Visa program on December 23rd, 2020, you can now make a remote application for Greek Golden Visa program. You need to provide your law firm in Greece with a Power of Attorney (PoA) to be able to do this. How long do I have to live in Greece? This program doesn’t require the investor to live there. However, if you wish to apply for citizenship, then you have to live there for seven years.
    Yes, as of January 1st, 2021, post-Brexit, British citizens from the UK can now apply for Golden Visa in Greece. For further information, check out our Greece Golden Visa for UK citizens article.
    Yes, Americans, just like citizens of every non-EU nation, can apply for a Golden Visa in Greece as long as they meet the eligibility criteria. For further reading, please refer to our Greece Golden Visa for Americans article.
    You have to pay taxes only on the income you receive in Greece, thanks to the double taxation treaty. Of course, if you spend most of the year there, you become a tax resident in Greece and must pay taxes. Keep in mind that being a tax resident is a requirement to apply for citizenship. For further information on Golden Visa Greece and a complimentary advisory session with our team,

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